Joe Brew

Joe Brew

Racist Catalans? The xenophobia lie

Data analyst Joe Brew shows why the Catalan pro-independence movement is not xenophobic


Is federalism the solution to the conflict between Catalonia and Spain?

Data analysis shows that a federalist or decentralizing reform would be highly unpopular among Spaniards


Phobia and philia: what Catalans and Spaniards think of one another

Catalanophobia is much more widespread than hispanophobia


Catalonia is not a ‘divided’ society

Catalans might not agree on independence but they are overwhelmingly in favour of a self-determination referendum


What kind of crisis?

Data analyst Joe Brew explains the root and the reasons of Catalonia-Spain political crisis


What is the relationship between the interest in politics and the support for the independence of Catalonia?

Data analyst Joe Brew shows that there is a relationship between more interest or more degree of information on politics with more support for independence


Does it exist a '1-O Referendum generation'?

Data analyst Joe Brew sets out the data on the increase and support for independence before and after 1-O between different population groups


17.755 deaths in Mediterranean Sea since 2014

Data analyst Joe Brew shows in a map all deaths in Mediterranean since 2014


Violence in Barcelona? Reality and relat (narrative)

Data analyst Joe Brew compares the reality about security data in Barcelona with the increasing tweets about insecurity


Quantifying hypocrisy: the case of Open Arms and the Spanish Socialists

Data analyst Joe Brew shows the contrast between the silence of the Spanish Socialists on the NGO Open Arms and their actions when they were not in government