Martí Estruch Axmacher

Martí Estruch Axmacher
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Miquel Strubell: "Spain has poured countless resources into demonizing Catalonia’s pro-independence movement"

An interview with the sociolinguist and ANC founder who has recently published a book in English on the lies spread by Spain about Catalonia

Photo: Miquel Strubell i Prat

Philip Crowther: “You have to defend a language if you want your identity to stay strong”

Interview with the multilingual TV correspondent who became famous after one of his videos went viral


Ronald Puppo: "In Barcelona I saw a country that wasn’t on the maps"

Interview with one of the great translators from Catalan to English


Catalan poet Joan Maragall published in English for the first time

In a new book edited and translated by Ronald Puppo and published by Fum d’Estampa


Sverre Pedersen: "We are not suprised by Spain’s bad ranking in violations of artistic freedom"

Interview with the Campaigns and Advocacy Manager at Freemuse, the organisation defending freedom of artistic expression.


Doug Suttle: "We want stories that stand well on their own, but that also provide insights into Catalan life and culture"

Interview with the founder of Fum d'Estampa Press, a book house that publishes Catalan literature in English


Kristina Háfoss: 'The Catalan case is a question of human and democratic rights'

Interview with Member of the Faroe Islands Parliament, former Minister of Finance (2015-2019), economist and lawyer


Reece Heard: 'Several of the players at FC Catalans have a lot of admiration for Barça'

Interview with the vice-captain of the newly created amateur English football team FC Catalans


Alexandre Chartrand: 'In Quebec we feel that Catalonia’s situation is very unfair'

An interview with the Quebecois film-maker whose documentary about Catalonia has premiered at the DocsBarcelona festival


Chris Bambery: 'People are discovering the reality of Spain’s flawed democracy and the lack of independence of the judiciary'

Interview with the Scottish activist and driver of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia at Westminster

Picture by Jane Foran