Roger Graells Font

Roger Graells Font

Gonzalo Boye: "The European General Court sees it as a case of political persecution"

Interview with Puigdemont, Comín and Ponsatí's lawyer following the EGC resolution that restores their immunity as MEPs


Human rights in Spain, under examination at the UN

Spain’s disregard for the judgements issued by UN bodies on the Catalan political prisoners will be examined by the Human Rights Council on Wednesday


Luigi Ferrajoli: “It was a horrible trial”

Prestigious Italian jurist slams verdict in Catalan leaders case

Luigi Ferrajoli (picture by University of Oviedo)

Young Catalans arrested in protests denounce police abuse and mistreatment

Catalonia’s Observatory on the Penal System and Human Rights (OSPDH) is monitoring the status of the twenty-eight detainees, who have complained of physical abuse by Spanish and Catalan police officers


Simon Bekaert: “Spain has attacked democracy and the European institutions”

Valtònyc’s lawyer in Belgium discusses the artist’s case, the trial of the Catalan independence leaders and the decision which the European Court of Justice is expected to take about Puigdemont and Comín


Joaquín Urías: "The law has been used as a way of fighting Catalan independence"

An interview with a former CC lawyer regarding the charges brought against the political prisoners and the pro-independence leaders as part of the 1-O trial