• Carles Puigdemont, 130th president of Catalonia

  • Artur Mas: The charges are 'the reaction of an arrogant, furious and clumsy state'

  • President Artur Mas, indicted in independence vote case, to testify on October 15

  • Spain is creating a big headache for Europe: Catalonia

  • Junts pel Sí vows to apply the roadmap ‘with all the consequences’

    The coalition plans to put forth Mas as president, but the emphasis, it says, will be on the roadmap

  • Pro-independence parties win Catalan elections

Together, Junts pel Sí and CUP win 73 parliamentary seats and more than 47.76% of the vote

  • Catalonia goes to the polls on independence


The European Commission investigates manipulation in the translation of a reply on the independence of Catalonia

In the reply signed by Juncker, the Spanish version comes out against the independence of Catalonia and the English version says that the EC gives no opinion on internal affairs


The Swiss parties ask their government to mediate between Spain and Catalonia

They have made an appeal to the federal parliament in defence of democracy


Rajoy, unable to argue why the Catalans would no longer be European citizens during a Radio interview

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