Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes), the winning political force in Sunday’s regional elections in Catalonia, plans to immediately begin negotiations with the other separatist party, CUP, on how to implement the roadmap toward independence.

Both Raul Romeva, who heads the joint list, and president Artur Mas himself said at a press conference on Monday that Junts pel Sí, as the coalition had previously agreed, will propose that Mas again be named president of the Catalan government.

But during the campaign, CUP insisted it would not back anyone for president who has implemented cutbacks and austerity policies, in a clear reference to Mas.

Mas, however, said that the most salient issue was not who holds the presidency, but ensuring the ability to carry out the independence project: ‘The key element now is not who will be president, but whether, together, 72 MPs can carry the project forward. Everyone counts: Junts pel Sí’s 62 seats and CUP’s 10 seats. Now we must agree on the roadmap.’

Romeva said that the new parliament will implement the proposed roadmap: ‘we have the absolute majority needed to do so.’

‘I don’t know when the Spanish government will respond, but we will see the roadmap through, with all the consequences it entails’, added Romeva.

Asked about the role that Catalunya Sí que es Pot (Podemos’s offshoot in Catalonia), Romeva said that Junts pel Sí is willing to negotiate with everyone: ‘We have to determine what the best option is. We will talk with everyone. We will go forward with a constructive spirit, as people have asked of us.’