Seat plans to invest €5 billion in Catalonia in the next five years to invest in developing new electric models and convert the equipment and facilities at the factory in Martorell to be able to produce an electric range. While admitting that this year has been one of the “most difficult in Seat’s history,” the company chaired by Carsten Isensee intends to manufacture electric cars from 2025 in their Martorell plant.

As part of the plans, the company also wants to hire more than 100 people to work at SEAT CODE, the software development center that will be located on Barcelona’s La Rambla boulevard.

In addition, Seat has announced that it will launch the new model e-Born under the Cupra brand and a new shared motorcycle scheme in Barcelona. The e-Born is a car designed and developed entirely in Barcelona that will be manufactured in Zwickau, Germany, and will hit the market next year.

President Carsten Isensee has acknowledged that the “serious impact of COVID-19 on the car industry” will truncate Seat’s record financial results in the past few years. However, he is confident that after a bad first quarter and a “worse” second period, the situation will recover “at least partially, during the second half of the year.” “Martorell is almost already working at the same pace of production as before COVID-19,” the Seat president said.

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