Josep Casulleras Nualart

Josep Casulleras Nualart

How Spain uses its Constitutional Court to prevent Europe from protecting the rights of Catalonia’s political prisoners

Sànchez and Turull’s hunger strike aims to expose the hurdles laid on their path to the European Court of Human Rights


How will the trial against the Catalan political prisoners work?

They will endure endless days, exhausting drives and hurdles for their lawyers in a trial that might kick off in January

Spanish police and transport van in front of the Audiencia Nacional

Aamer Anwar: "Spain has set a trap for Catalonia"

An interview with the lawyer for Catalan minister Clara Ponsatí


Pérez Royo: ‘The agreed-upon referendum is nearly inevitable’

The professor of constitutional law believes that the Spanish constitution will not be reformed, and that Spain may be nearing the end of its ‘second Restoration’


Raül Romeva: ‘Abroad, the threats are seen as evidence that the problem lies with Spain’

Interview with the head of the separatist ticket, Junts pel Sí (Together For Yes)


Ramon Tremosa: ‘We do not have to fear walking alone for a few weeks’

Interview with the Euro deputy who has just published the book ‘Let Catalonia Vote’


Carme Forcadell: ‘We have to invite the CUP to join a future cross-party government’

Interview with the number two on the Junts pel Sí list in Barcelona, who feels the Spanish government will end up negotiating


The Irish Parliament hears the Catalan government on the process of independence

The Members of Parliament admit that the elections of 27 September could become a democratic mandate for independence