Josep Casulleras Nualart

Josep Casulleras Nualart

Spain's failed attempt to detain Puigdemont in Strasbourg

Lawyer Gonzalo Boye explains how Spanish planes flew to Strasbourg in lightning arrest op against Puigdemont and Comín


Aamer Anwar: “The Catalan government should release Junqueras”

An interview with Clara Ponsatí’s lawyer about the exiled Catalan minister’s judicial situation and the current state of the independence process in Scotland and Catalonia

All pictures by Albert Salamé

Prosecuting Catalonia's pro-independence movement

A profile of Miguel Ángel Carballo, the Spanish prosecutor behind the detentions of Catalan activists


Matt Carthy: 'It's the Catalan MEPs today, but whose turn will it be tomorrow?'

Interview with the Sinn Féin MEP who defended the rights of Puigdemont, Comín and Junqueras in the European Parliament


Was the Catalan government a criminal ring pursuing independence?

Spain's Prosecutor’s Office is seeking to mete out the harshest possible penalty for thirty people it has failed to prosecute for sedition or rebellion


Madrid’s friends of Catalonia will join mass demonstration on Saturday

About fifty Madrid groups have shown their support for the event, for which over 380 buses have been chartered


Eight examples of dirty tactics employed by Spanish Supreme Court in referendum trial

From arrogance and haste and the ban on international observers to the obstacles facing the political prisoners’ lawyers and relatives


Spain’s Supreme Court aims to render Catalan political prisoners defenceless in court

The judges presiding over the trial starting on 12 February have  rejected witnesses and evidence which are key to the defence’s case


How will the international observers team organise during the referendum trial?

International Trial Watch has launched fund-raising effort to cover the cost of monitoring the trial against the Catalan political prisoners

Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez on their way to the Court

The dark side of Spain's Supreme Court

Lluís Mestres, a lawyer with Associació Atenes, explains why this court is not appropriate to judge Catalonia's pro-independence leaders