Vicent Partal

Vicent Partal

The contradictions in the NY Times article linking Catalonia’s Tsunami protest group to Russia

The outlandish claims include references to information previously discredited by the Spanish public prosecutor and fails to make it clear that Tsunami Democràtic was born as a reaction to the prison sentences


Andreu Mas-Colell, the scorpion and the turtle

The home, the pension and the bank accounts of one of the world's leading economists will be seized by the Spanish authorities


Exile fights, exile wins

"Spain’s eccentric behaviour causes political unease throughout the EU"


Elena Vavilova, Russian spy: "We weren’t aggressive, we defended our country"

VilaWeb talks to the Russian spy who deceived the US for twenty-five years

All pictures by Júlia Partal

Carles Puigdemont: “If the request to lift our immunity hinders our work as MEPs, we won’t accept it"


Francis Fukuyama: “If you don’t have a sense of national identity, you can’t have a democracy”

The prestigious American political scientist discusses his latest book, Identity, with VilaWeb’s editor-in-chief


Jordi Cuixart's presumed cognitive distortion

Its a scandal that Spain's Prosecutor reduces a political ideology to a disease


CDRs: the Spanish police frame-up that should be a lesson to everyone

'They wanted a part of the population to believe that CDR members are violent and to bring the pro-independence parties and government into disrepute'


The Spanish railway incline

They had been warned that taking the Catalan issue to the courts would result in the loss of control over Spain’s train and, sooner or later, it would end in a crash


Who are the young protestors of the Catalan revolt?

There is a generation of young people who have decided that now is the time for them to wage the struggle of a lifetime