• Catalan MEPs lose first juridic battle against European Parliament in Luxembourg Court

    The General Court of the EU endorses the veto of the European Parliament and the Spanish institutions to Puigdemont and Comín at the beginning of the legislature

  • Big protest in Barcelona against Spanish judge in charge of 2017 Catalan referendum

  • William Aitken: "I have been sentenced to five years in prison in order to scare young people"

    Picture by Júlia Partal
  • Jordi Cuixart warns Spain will continue spying after Catalangate

    Former jailed pro-independence leader tells UN Human Rights Council that measures taken will not stop espionage from happening again

  • Boriss Cilevics: "It’s a pity that Spain hasn’t withdrawn the European Arrest Warrants against Catalan politicians"

    An interview with the Council of Europe rapporteur who has documented Spain’s crackdown on Catalan independence leaders

  • After protest campaign, Netflix incorporates first titles in Catalan

    Films subtitled and dubbed in Catalan will be available in 190 countries

  • Scottish non-binding independence referendum welcomed in Catalonia

    Pro-independence leaders point out this is the democratic and ‘peaceful way and give their support for the 2023 vote


European Court of Human Rights finds Spain guilty of leaking ID photos of Catalan judges

Strasbourg institution says magistrates' right to privacy was breached when La Razón newspaper published their pictures


Mobile World Congress stays in Barcelona until 2030

Organizers celebrate resounding success of trade show in Catalan capital


Young Scotsman who took part in the protests for Pablo Hasel sentenced to five years in prison

The sentence is based on the testimony of two police officers which the magistrates considers "absolutely conclusive"

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