Tundu Lissu: “Spain’s crackdown is what you’d expect from an African dictatorship"

An interview with Tundu Lissu, Tanzania’s opposition leader, on the similarities between political repression in Tanzania and Spain


Spain's interior ministry plotted fake reports to discredit independence camp

Former police official and ex-minister's head of office wanted to link politicians to Swiss bank accounts, according to leaked tapes


Catalonia could host the 2031 Ryder Cup golf event

It's the third most followed sporting event in the world after the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games


Ada Colau to run for third term as Barcelona mayor in 2023 election

Barcelona en Comú party members unanimously enabled it in internal vote despite two terms limitation in code of ethics


Spanish intelligence hacked phone to learn about Barcelona mayoral talks in 2019

Former French PM Valls backed Colau to return as mayor, frustrating hopes of poll-topper pro-independence Maragall


Belgian court rejects again extraditing rapper Valtònyc to Spain

Ruling on musician accused of glorifying terrorism and insulting monarchy can be appealed


The director of Citizen Lab, surprised by the espionage scandal acceptance in Spain

Ron Deibert says in an interview with the Guardian that he would ask for an impartial investigation, "but it seems that this will not happen"


Catalan Mauthausen victims honored on 77th anniversary of concentration camp liberation

Justice minister Lourdes Ciuró criticizes Spain's longstanding policy of amnesia with regards to the country's civil war and ensuing fascist dictatorship

Picture by Catalan Ministry of Justice

Renovation of Barça’s Camp Nou stadium will begin in June

Team will play at Montjuïc’s Olympic Stadium during 2023/24 season

Picture from FC Barcelona

Former Catalan president disqualified in second disobedience case

Quim Torra was removed from power in 2020 after he refused to remove a freedom banner from government HQ

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