London, Paris, Rome and Milan criticize pulling back of Barcelona's Low Emission Zone

Politicians from across continent say ruling goes against EU directives and WHO contamination guidelines


Immunity claim rejected: former Spanish king could face court in UK

Ex-lover Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein’s harassment complaint not dismissed


Catalan education sector protests against Spanish quota in the classrooms

Teachers and students go on strike for fourth day in March, as government confirms not imposing ruling


Catalonia's EU representative denounces Spain's repression at Flemish parliament

Gorka Knörr criticizes the persecution of Spanish courts against the Parliament of Catalonia

Picture: Vlaams Parlement

Catalonia criticizes Spain's new stance on Western Sahara

Socialists endorse Morocco's autonomy initiative despite widespread opposition


Former Catalan president refuses to attend disobedience trial and seeks protection from international courts

Quim Torra was already barred from office for the same accusations in 2020


"I remember the Soviet era, but this now is more dangerous"

An interview with a long-time Russian human rights activist · She tells of the fear that led to her request not to be named

Drawing by Tere Guix

FC Barcelona confirms stadium name change to Spotify Camp Nou

Catalan club given negative €144 million spending cap by La Liga, with other financial deals also in the works

Picture from FC Barcelona

Josep Borrell, a blunderer in a time of war

The High Representative’s gaff over increased EU aid for Ukraine is only the latest in a series of controversies since the start of the invasion


Ukrainian refugees to be hosted at Barcelona exhibition center

Venue will be ready on Friday and will work as initial welcome hub before final allocation

Picture by Fira de Barcelona

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