Scottish non-binding independence referendum welcomed in Catalonia

  • Pro-independence leaders point out this is the democratic and ‘peaceful way and give their support for the 2023 vote

VilaWeb / Catalan News Agency
29.06.2022 - 09:36

Catalan politicians have welcomed and encouraged the news that Scotland will organize a new independence referendum on 19 October 2023. “The Scottish way is the democratic way, an approach we Catalans also share, to achieve independence” tweeted Jordi Turull, the new leader of pro-independence party Junts.

The next steps in securing a referendum were outlined by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in a statement to parliament on Tuesday. “Now is the time – at this critical moment in history – to debate and decide the future of our country. Now is the time to get Scotland on the right path – the path chosen by those who live here. Now is the time for independence,” she said to lawmakers.

The news was welcomed by several Catalan pro-independence politicians, including members of the Catalan government junior coalition partner Junts.

Junts party spokesperson, Josep Rius, said on social media that the Scottish way is “the peaceful and uncomplicated option”. “All our support in the path to self-determination,” he added.

During her speech to lawmakers, Sturgeon emphasized the mandate the chamber has. “This parliament has a clear, democratic mandate to offer Scotland that choice. The UK government, regrettably, however, is refusing to respect Scottish democracy,” she said. “The issue of independence cannot be suppressed. It must be resolved democratically. And that must be through a process that is above reproach and commands confidence,” Sturgeon added.

Other leading pro-independence figures in Catalonia, such as Jordi Solé, a Member of the European Parliament for Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, the senior Catalan government coalition partner, welcomed the news and wished “all the best and all our support and solidarity” to Scotland.

Carles Riera, a pro-independence CUP MP, said that the new Scottish referendum is an occasion to debate about the right to self-determination in Europe.


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