Catalonia's culture minister appears in court over 2017 independence referendum

Natàlia Garriga is accused of embezzlement and disobedience for setting up a call center and a website


Yacht of Russian oligarch Abramovich leaves Barcelona harbour

Ship was docked in the Catalan city since 2021 undergoing repairs


Standing ovation in Catalan Parliament for Ukrainian consul

Speaker denounces Russian invasion as "disgrace and cruelty" and praises Catalan solidarity in welcoming refugees


Former speaker of Catalan Parliament faces trial for allowing votes on independence and Spanish monarchy

Roger Torrent and three former bureau members will be tried for disobedience


500 Ukrainian refugees search a new home in Catalonia

Many already have acquaintances in Catalonia but one in five requires accommodation


Catalonia to open six new delegation offices abroad in 2022

New sites in Tokyo, Seoul, Dakar, Pretoria, Brasilia and Andorra la Vella raise total to 20


The odyssey of a Catalan footballer fleeing Ukraine

Marc Gual plays for Dnipro and fled the country on a 27-hour journey after sheltering in a bunker when first bombings hit


Barcelona's Mobile World Congress closes 2022 edition with optimism

Goal of 60.000 attendees reached, while economic impact will be €240m


Investigations into former Spanish King archived by prosecutors

Public ministry admits ex-head of state defrauded tax agency but he is not prosecutable


Barcelona cries out against the war

On a rainy evening, 3,500 people gather to claim "no to war" with signs comparing the Russian president to Adolf Hitler

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