Three women-led Catalan companies selected by European Commission to boost deep-tech innovation

A total of 50 women-led European companies will get funding, mentoring and networking opportunities

Barbara Buades, cofounder of MEETOPTICS

[VIDEO] Borrell uses the conflict in Ukraine to mock Puigdemont

"Thank God, Zelensky is not the kind of leader who escapes hidden in a car" said the European diplomat's top official


Protests against Russian invasion of Ukraine go on in Catalonia


Mobile World Congress returns to Barcelona and expects up to 60.000 visitors

Organizers decided to veto Russia's pavilion due to the invasion of Ukraine


Ukrainian consul and Catalan foreign minister condemn Russian attack

Artem Vorobyov and Victòria Alsina meet in Barcelona to discuss military operation


Ukrainians protest outside Russian consulate in Barcelona

Catalonia is home to around 14.000 Ukrainians

Ukranian consulate in Barcelona (by Gerard Escaich Folch)

Spain's top court rejects appeal by former Catalan president

Quim Torra was barred from office over yellow ribbons row in 2020


Gender pay gap in Catalonia was 20.6% in 2019

It's the lowest figure since 2008 and the fifth yearly drop in a row


150 scientists warn Catalonia's Winter Olympics proposal is "unsustainable"

Experts say there are no green options to hosting global event and deem proposal unacceptable


Catalonia's train connections may suffer from open war between SNCF and Renfe

French and Spanish train companies share high-speed services between Barcelona and several French cities

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