A British MP raised the issue of imprisoned former Catalan speaker, Carme Forcadell, in the British parliament on Tuesday. Ronnie Cowan, from the Scottish National Party, condemned the “indignant case” of Forcadell, who has spent nine months behind bars awaiting trial.

Cowan asked the foreign affairs minister, Alan Duncan, when the UK government will “come out in defense of democracy” and “condemn” Forcadell’s imprisonment. In response, Duncan spoke up for Spanish democracy and said it “is not the mission” of the British government to interfere in the internal affairs of other states.

However, the minister’s answer failed to satisfy Cowan, who in a tweet referred to Forcadell’s imprisonment as an “outrage.” The MP also cited the British chamber’s record of supporting past victims of political repression, such as Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela, adding: “Today the UK government is looking the other way while Spain locks up political prisoners.”