Scottish proindy band to perform at Catalonia’s National Day

  • Saor Alba Pipes and Drums will also play outside Lledoners in support of the political prisoners

19.08.2019 - 06:05

Eleven members of Scotland’s indy movement favourite band, Saor Alba Pipes and Drums, will be in Barcelona on the occasion of Catalonia’s National Day, la Diada, on September 11. According to The National, the whole band had been invited, but costs and short-term logistics made it impossible for the 50 members to travel this year.

Saor Alba will play in the main parade on the 11th but also at Lledoners jail, where Catalonia’s male political prisoners have been held for approaching two years – awaiting verdicts in their trial over the 2017 independence referendum. The prison is the scene of regular demonstrations in their support and every Sunday thousands gather to sing outside the building in support of the political prisoners.

Band members will be staying with Catalan host families and are trying to raise funds to help with the costs of travel and transporting their instruments. Drummer Gerry Graham told The National that the band may prepare something special for their Catalan hosts: “We’ll be playing all our usual tunes, but we’ve got a couple of special numbers we’ve been practising for the Catalans, and I think they’ll be impressed when they hear us.”


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