United Kingdom authorities have refused the European arrest warrant issued by Spain against Catalan Education minister in exile Clara Ponsatí because it is “disproportionate in accordance with United Kingdom legislation”, as stated in a document sent to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

The document explains that “the European arrest warrant has been reviewed by a specialized lawyer on behalf of the National Crime Agency. He has determined that it is disproportionate in accordance with United Kingdom legislation”. It adds that if Spanish authorities can send more information about the previous criminal history of Ponsatí or any other information related to the seriousness of the infringement, they might reconsider their decision.

This is the first slap that Spain receives in relation to the third wave of European arrest warrants against Catalan exiles. In Belgium, President Carles Puigdemont has already been released after his first appearance before the court and the hearing was postponed until December. Ministers Toni Comín and Lluís Puig will present themselves to the Belgian authorities soon.

More info –> Statement by lawyer Aamer Anwar on behalf of Clara Ponsatí


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