Today marks a decade since the 10 July 2010 demonstration in Barcelona against the Spanish Constitutional Court ruling against the Catalan Statute. That date is considered by many analysts as the starting point of the pro-independence process.

To remember that mobilization, which gathered a million and a half protesters in the center of Barcelona, ​​we retrieve some videos that portray the atmosphere of the rally.

The demonstration was coordinated by Òmnium Cultural, a grassroots civil society oganisation, with the support of 1.500 entities and parties, and was attended by representatives of all political forces, with the exception of the Popular Party.

The rally became the largest demonstration ever held in Barcelona, ​​and with it, a historic turning point towards independence. One and a half million voices shouted ‘We are a nation’ and ‘We decide’ as a response to the Constitutional Court ruling that had been made public in full the day before. The Spanish Constitutional Court ruling annulled 14 articles of the Catalan Statute and interpreted 27 more.


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