Andreu Barnils

Andreu Barnils

Timothy William Waters: "Violent resistance to independence is the problem"

An interview with the author of 'Boxing Pandora' (Yale University Press), who supports the idea of independence based on political will rather than belonging to a nation


Jordi Solé: "We want to agree on the conditions under which self-determination can be exercised in the EU"

An interview with MEP Jordi Solé, one of the founding members of the Self-Determination Caucus


Andrej Hunko: "The Council of Europe could play an international mediation role in Catalonia’s case"

Interview with the German MP for Die Linke and member of the Council of Europe

Andrej Hunko (picture by Darius Dunker)

Manon Aubry: "We are facing a threat to democracy"

An interview with the La France Insoumise MEP, who is outraged by attempts to lift Puigdemont, Ponsatí and Comín’s immunity


Annamie Paul: “Our family and friends felt touched by Catalonia’s independence vote”

An interview with the newly-elected leader of Canada’s Green Party, who has close ties with Catalonia

Pictures by Adiva Koenigsberg

Carles Puigdemont: “When Madrid speaks of dialogue, we mustn’t believe a word they say”

An interview with the exiled Catalan president about the lengthy journal he has kept chronicling Catalonia’s independence process, which is being published this week

Pictures by Adiva Koenigsberg

Per Nyholm: “In some Madrid circles they are toying with the idea of resorting to violence by means of a dictatorship or an authoritarian regime”

An interview with Per Nyholm, the seasoned Danish journalist who has just published a book with an epilogue on the Catalan case

Pictures by Adiva Koenigsberg

Ramón Grosfoguel: “Catalans are in a colonial situation”

An interview with the sociologist and Berkeley professor


Carles Muntaner: 'Public Health officials must be held accountable'

Interview with Professor of Public Health in Canada and contributor to The Lancet


Benoît Biteau: 'Not to acknowledge Oriol Junqueras as an MEP is an abuse of power'

VilaWeb interviews Green MEP Benoît Biteau, who is due to visit Junqueras and Romeva in prison today

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