The arrest of President Puigdemont reaches the Council of Europe

Senators Rampi and Marilotti call for a concrete response from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe


Puigdemont meets with French MPs and senators in Paris

The Catalan exiled president also attended the screening of the documentary 'Avec un sourire, la révolution!'


Russia asks the New York Times to correct fake news on Catalonia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakarova says Deputy Minister Oleg Siromolotov has never met with or had any contact with Alay


Pope Francis insinuates that Spain should reconcile with Catalonia

“National unity will never be done without the basic reconciliation among peoples” he says in an interview


Scottish justice abandons extradition process against Clara Ponsatí

The Spanish Supreme Court will have to decide whether to ask for it again in Belgium now

Archive picture from 2019

Extradition hearing for Clara Ponsatí will take place tomorrow in Edinburgh

The court will have to consider whether the extradition process goes on in Scotland as the exiled Catalan MEP now lives in Belgium


European lawyers association criticizes Spanish Court of Auditors

European Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights considers that the guarantees asked to former Catalan politicians are "unacceptable"


Spain blocks Perpignan water bombers help extinguish wildfire south of border

Catalan government criticizes decision of not allowing the use of two French seaplanes despite European agreement


[VIDEO] A Catalan pro-independence flag welcomes Spain's PM in Latvia

During a ceremony in remembrance of those who fell for independence


Catalonia's president and vice-president during 2017 independence referendum meet in Belgium

Former political prisoners also visit EU Parliament in Strasbourg