Jordi Cuixart to the UN: "Spanish repression in Catalonia is not over"

Omnium president calls on human rights council to make Spain fulfill its international commitments


Spanish right uses hypothesis of EU mediation in Catalonia as political tool

Spain’s PP-friendly media are circulating a narrative whereby the Rajoy administration’s diplomatic prowess prevented the European Commission from intervening in the Catalan conflict

Jean-Claude Juncker

Persecution against former Catalan Economy minister Andreu Mas-Colell denounced

"In two weeks my parents home, his pension and his bank account may be seized by state authorities, without due process" writes his son Alex Mas


The paradox of three Catalan MEPs that can move freely across the EU but can't enter Spain

Puigdemont welcomes being first MEP whose removal of privileges has been suspended by European judiciary


Catalan exiled MEPs appeal to European justice against their immunity withdrawal

They defend that the decision taken by the European Parliament in March is a consequence of Spain's political persecution


Madrid keeps name of street honouring pro-nazi Spanish division who fought in Russia

Madrid's Superior Court of Justice argues that the name may be an exaltation of nazism, but not Francoism

Picture by Wikipedia/Strakhov

Historic ruling by European Court of Justice opens possible way for Catalan exiles to return

The Luxembourg Court states that citizens cannot be prosecuted once they have firm resolutions against their extradition in any EU country


Catalan Parliament speaker to Barcelona consular corps: "We cannot accept having political prisoners and exiles in 21st century Europe"

Laura Borràs addressed them on the occasion of the Europe Day reception

Picture by Parliament of Catalonia

Swiss MPs force the federal government to take a stance on Spain's repression in Catalonia

They call on the government to act in accordance with international commitments, fundamental freedoms, democracy and the rule of law


Two Spanish police officers on trial accused of abusing a Flemish citizen who addressed them in Catalan

The incident happened at Barcelona airport in December 2019