One of the Catalan political prisoners arrested on September 23, Ferran Jolis, has not yet been able to talk to his lawyer after three weeks in Spain’s Soto del Real prison. The appointment of the lawyer is not yet “effective” and this prevents him from talking in person with the detainee. VilaWeb has confirmed the news with the Alerta Solidaria lawyers group, who also denounced the situation via Twitter: “We have made allegations, filed complaints to the judiciary, made daily calls, all with no response.”

According to Alerta Solidaria, Jolis is in a cell without artificial light and has little food left when he enters the dining room. Alerta Solidaria has also denounced that, apart from the generic restrictions implied by the inclusion in the controverted FIES Regime, the seven Catalan political prisoners can only send two letters every week and two of them are only allowed to exit the cell for three hours a day. ‘This means that the person is alone in the cell the rest of the day, even during meals’, they say. ‘Restricting the right to privacy, the right of socialisation, the right to communicate, etc. is a flagrant violation of the rights that any person has’.

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