The Open Arms rescue ship entered Italian territorial waters on Thursday with 147 people on board after an Italian court accepted the Catalan NGO’s appeal against a de facto ban on sea rescue organizations. After spending 13 days stranded in the central Mediterranean Sea, with European countries refusing to offer the ship a safe harbor, the tribunal ruled that the Open Arms vessel can enter Italian waters to “aid people on board” over a “serious” and “exceptionally urgent” situation.

The Spanish government announced that it was willing to welcome a part of the migrants rescued by the Open Arms, while urging the European Union and its member states to find a “shared” solution for them. France, Germany, Portugal, Romania and Luxembourg will also host some of the migrants.

“Italy’s administrative court has accepted the appeal against [interior minister Matteo] Salvini’s security decree which forbids humanitarian ships entering territorial waters without authorisation, risking €1 million fines” said Open Arms founder Òscar Camps via Twitter. “The decree is now suspended.”