Some of the Catalan pro-independence leaders in pre-trial detention will go on hunger strike to denounce that the Spanish Constitutional Court does not respond to their appeals (some of them filled more than a year ago), blocking them their access to European justice. Other protest actions could be announced soon. Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull will be among those going on hunger strike, as they have announced to the prison authorities.

–> Full declaration by Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull: click here.

This news comes together with the first photo of the seven male jailed leaders while in Lledoners prison, published by the pro-independence organisation Òmnium Cultural on Friday night. It was taken in one of the courtyards of the penitentiary center.

Long time not seen

Four of them have been incarcerated for 13 months, so they had not been seen by the public for over year –the three remaining are behind bars from March 2018, apart from having spent a month incarcerated last autumn. Two female leaders are also in pre-trial detention, but they are in other centers for women, and therefore could not take part in this group photo.

The pro-independence civic organization Òmnium Cultural made public the picture on Friday night, along with a message by the jailed leaders and Òmnium itself.


“The repression, with the shape of incarceration, has not weakened their convictions and they are conscientiously getting ready for the trial against democracy” reads the message. “Each of the prisoners comes from a different family within the political Catalanism and it is this plurality the one making the everyday life in the prison a learning in the fight for freedom.”

With the picture, made public thanks to the penitentiary system to assess the progress of inmates, they want to send a message of “unity and calmness.” The leaders also express sadness for not being able to be joined by the female leaders Carme Forcadell and Dolors Bassa.