Catalan president Quim Torra spoke at an act at the Catalan government headquarters on Wednesday in support of Catalan political prisoners ahead of their trial, where he said that in judging the incarcerated officials, “they’re judging an entire people.”

The event was attended by various Barcelona and Catalonia officials as well as families of those in pre-trial prison. During his speech, Torra also called for support of the detainees by citizens, and defended the peaceful nature of Catalonia’s push for independence and of the actions of the leaders.

The act also saw a speech by Meritxell Lluís i Vall, the wife of incarcerated official Josep Rull. The former minister of territory and sustainability is among those facing charges of rebellion and 16 years in jail.

There are currently nine pro-independence leaders in pre-trial prison, some of whom have been behind bars since October 2017. They’re set to be moved from Catalan penitentiary centers to ones in the Madrid region tomorrow, with the trial set to start next week.