President Quim Torra will travel to Slovenia on Thursday to address the city council of the capital, Ljubljana, about the political situation in Catalonia. Torra’s talk, titled “Catalonia: from the Spanish constitutional cage to freedom” will be introduced by former Slovenian president, Milan Kučan, and the country’s former foreign minister, Ivo Vajgl.

Before the talk, Torra will have a meeting with Kučan, who was the country’s first president since Slovenia gained its independence in 1992. During his trip, Torra will also meet with the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, and will take part in an event of the Slovenian branch of the PEN Club with various Slovenian writers and the association’s president, Aksinja Kermauner.

On Friday, President Torra will go to Slovenia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry to meet with potential Slovenian and Croatian investors. On the same day, he will travel to the town of Medvode to visit the memorial to Franc Rozman, a Slovenian national hero who volunteered as a member of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. While there, Torra will present Rozman’s granddaughter with a commemorative plaque.

After his trip to Slovenia, Torra is expected to travel to Brussels for the presentation of the Council of the Republic on December 8.