The climate change strike by students in various countries also reached Barcelona and Tarragona on Friday, with hundreds taking to the streets on Friday noon to demand climate action. Friday’s strikes were called in more than 1,600 towns and cities in 105 countries. The global movement was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s solo protest in Sweden in August.

The movement is calling for the nationalisation of energy and fuel production, the nationalization of the automobile, shipmaking and aeronautic industries, as well as the cattle sector, and a public transport network that is free and environmentally-friendly.

The students are also calling for public recycling companies under the control of employees as well as for more sustainable production, and a handling of the economy that is “rational and respectful to the environment.”

In Catalonia, a student union has called for “a major international movement” that brings together workers, young people and all disadvantaged sectors to attain real change in ending the “suffocating” control on global production by multinational companies.