The minor pro-independence trade union Intersindical-CSC has called a general strike in Catalonia for February 21. It will coincide with the first days of the trial against the political jailed leaders in Madrid.

The union had called a strike for February 5 to 7, but in has delayed it to “guarantee the success” of the mobilisation. Intersindical-CSC wants the protest “to be included in a context of mobilisations for rights and freedoms.”

The trial start date is February 12, and the sessions will span from Tuesday to Thursday every week for months –this means the general strike will coincide with the sixth day of trial in the Supreme Court.

CUP supports strike

The far-left CUP party called the public to join the strike shortly after it was called by Intersindical-CSC. The political force also proposed “a rising process of mobilisations” from February 12 in order to reach a peak for the general strike on February 21.