The last two pro-independence activists arrested in September on terrorism charges were released on bail on Friday by Spain’s National Court. The court set bail of 30,000 and 15,000 euros for Jordi Ros and Germinal Tomàs, who were among seven detained activists from the CDR pro-independence protest group.

The other five activists also belonging to the Committees for the Defense of the Republic pro-independence protest network were released in December. In all, nine CDR members were arrested in September as part of an anti-terrrorism operation by Spain’s Guardia Civil police, with seven of them taken into custody.

The Alerta Solidària pro-independence group, which is legally representing the activists, called on the public for donations to cover the bail payments. Alerta Solidària also called on the court to drop the charges, including belonging to a terrorist organization and possession of explosives, now that all the activists have been released.

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