The number of coronavirus deaths in Spain has risen to 288, almost doubling yesterday’s figures, according to Spain’s Ministry of Health. It has gone from 152 to 288: 136 deaths in 24 hours. Despite the overwhelming data, Spanish authorities still refuse to isolate Madrid. Madrid has 536 cases per million inhabitants, while Wuhan in China was confined with 13 and Milan with 340.

The Spanish government has limited the movement of people across Spain to fight the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus. In Saturday afternoon’s extraordinary Spanish cabinet meeting, the specific measures involved in the state of alarm were decided. These include allowing citizens to only leave home to buy basic goods, go to work, see a doctor, take care of dependent people or in event of force majeure.

Regional train services have been reduced to a half, while the minister for transport can implement further measures to transport, but so far airports and ports are not affected by the measure.

Insufficient measures

Catalan president Quim Torra has called for a complete self-isolation of the population, wants improved economic measures and benefits for people during the coronavirus crisis, and dubbed Spain’s efforts at fighting the pandemic “insufficient.”

Torra spoke to the public following his meeting with Pedro Sánchez and other presidents of the various territories of Spain, held via video-link. The Catalan chief called for everyone to stay at home and leave the house only when absolutely necessary, such as buying food and healthcare products.

He also said that only those working in essential services should go to work, somewhat going against what Pedro Sánchez called for in the state of alarm decree, as the Spanish president permitted leaving the house to work, without specifying which kind of work.

Catalonia’s president also underlined that he wants to see a complete lockdown of Catalonia and the rest of Spain, including closing ports and airports, in order to “guarantee public health.”

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