Massive demonstrations planned in Barcelona for Catalonia’s National Day and the 2017 referendum anniversary

Civil society marches will be organised by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) to put pressure on institutions

VilaWeb / Catalan News Agency
08.07.2021 - 11:03
Actualització: 08.07.2021 - 13:03

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has revealed its plans for Catalonia’s National Day. On both 11 September, known as ‘La Diada’ in Catalan, as well as on 1 October, the fourth anniversary of the independence referendum, the group will be holding marches which will most probably be massive again.

The ‘Diada’ demonstration in Barcelona will start at Plaça Urquinaona square and make its way down to Parc de la Ciutadella, where the Catalan parliament is located, while featuring the slogan “Let’s fight and win independence.”

Headed by Elisenda Paluzie, ANC highlighted the need to “activate the popular citizens’ front to put pressure on institutions.” “Independence is possible and more necessary than ever,” Paluzie said.

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