Spanish acting president Pedro Sánchez visited Barcelona today. He visited the Spanish police headquarters in Via Laietana and some of the injured police officers during last week’s protests, but none of the 600 injured demonstrators.

Some people booed him at the exit of the hospital and even some doctors and nurses inside the hospital did.

Protest movement Tsunami Democràtic called people to a peaceful protest in front of the Spanish government delegation in Barcelona, where some thousand gathered.

Sánchez refused to meet Catalan president Quim Torra during his visit. Last weekend, the Catalan president tried to contact him on the phone with no success, and today he sent him a letter insisting on a  meeting to start a dialogue. “As we have been informed by the media of your visit to Catalonia, I wanted to notify you of my availability to meet with you today”, he wrote. “As you know, I called you twice this past weekend and both times you were unwilling to take my call. I must say that I do not take that as a positive sign of a willingness to engage in dialogue”, he adds.

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