Guardia Civil officers turned up early this morning at the HQ of Catalonia’s Finance Ministry in Barcelona’s Rambla de Catalunya in order to search the premises. They also raided the offices of Indra and T-System (two private companies), Catalonia’s Finance Institute, the CCTI, the Consorci de l’Administració Oberta (Consortium for Open Administration) and the Catalan Treasury’s headquarters in Barcelona’s Zona Franca.

During the operation, the Guardia Civil unlawfully detained Pere Aragonès, the Deputy Finance Minister, Deputy Treasury Minister Lluís Salvadó and Josep Maria Jové, the Catalan vice-president’s right-hand man.

Speaking for El món a RAC1, vice-president Oriol Junqueras stated that the Spanish gendarmes aimed to interfere with his ministry’s work and remarked that “this is detrimental to all Catalans alike, regardless of whether they support the referendum or not. This is an attack on everybody’s civil rights”.

On a Twitter post Social Affairs minister Dolors Bassa confirmed that the Guardia Civil had also entered her ministry’s premises. “This is a state of siege! Outrageous!”, she wrote. The gendarmes also turned up at Catalonia’s Foreign Ministry, the Casa dels Canonges (the official residence of the President of Catalonia) and the Ministry for the Administration.

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