Spain’s National Court opposes pardoning rapper for his ‘antisocial attitude’

  • Magistrates emphasise that Pablo Hasel was convicted for glorification of terrorism in tweets and lyrics

VilaWeb / Catalan News Agency
22.10.2021 - 11:06
Actualització: 22.10.2021 - 13:06

Spain’s National Court in Madrid has issued a report opposing granting a pardon to the rapper Pablo Hasel, who is serving several prison sentences for the glorification of terrorism and insulting the Spanish monarchy in various tweets and lyrics. It’s the court’s view that the musician displays an “antisocial attitude” as he has several convictions for similar offenses and does not want to be subjected to the prison treatment program.

Therefore, they oppose offering Hasel a pardon, although the final decision will be taken by the Spanish government. The prosecution says there are no grounds for justice, fairness, or public utility to justify releasing the rapper.  While Hasel did not ask for a pardon, but rather it was requested by the Catalan Academy of Music, the court gave Hasel the chance to put their own word in and his lawyer said he did not oppose the pardon or potential prison benefits. The court said that the pardon is an exceptional measure and even more so with regard to repeat offenders.

When Hasel was imprisoned last February, Catalonia erupted in riots, with clashes between police and protesters demanding his release lasting for days.


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