Several MEPs from different countries and political groups have displayed in front of the European Parliament the banner in support of the Catalan political prisoners and exiles that President Quim Torra hung from the government headquarters’ balcony. With this action, they wanted to denounce the disproportion of the sentence by Spain’s Supreme Court disqualifying the Catalan president.

Among the MEPs were the Slovenian Socialist Milan Brglez; François Alfonsi, from Corsica, representing France (European Free Alliance / The Greens); French Greens Mounir Satouri, Claude Gruffat, Salima Yenbou and Benoît Biteau; Chris Macmanus and Clare Daly, MEPs for Ireland (European United Left); Leila Chaibi from France (European United Left); Mark Demesmaeker, Flemish MEP (European Conservatives and Reformists); Tatjana Ždanoka, MEP for Latvia (European Free Alliance), as well as the Catalan pro-independence MEPs.


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