The connection between Spain’s intel and the 2017 terrorist attacks reaches the EU institutions

Catalan and Basque MEPs address their colleagues and the Commission on the latest scandal of Spain's deep state

From left to right: Toni Comín, Carles Puigdemont, Diana Riba and Pernando Barrena
13.01.2022 - 18:08
Actualització: 13.01.2022 - 19:08

MEPs from two Catalan Parties (Junts and ERC) and from Basque Bildu have sent a letter to all their colleagues at the European Parliament informing them of the statements made by former Spanish police commissioner José Manuel Villarejo on the alleged involvement of Spain’s intelligence services in the terrorist attacks of 17 August 2017 in Barcelona and Cambrils. The letter is signed by Carles Puigdemont (Junts), Diana Riba (ERC), Toni Comín (Junts), Jordi Solé (ERC), Clara Ponsatí (Junts) and Pernando Barrena (Bildu).

The signatories have also submitted a parliamentary question to the Commission asking them to open an investigation on the attack. Specifically, they ask the chamber: “Considering the Spanish authorities refuse to investigate the circumstances of the attacks and the role of the CNI, what actions will the Commission undertake to ensure a thorough investigation?”.

The groups involved believe that Villarejo’s statement corresponds to the journalistic leaks that have documented the extensive relationship between the leader of the terrorist cell and the CNI and claims “the right to truth”.


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