Two of the witnesses in the Catalan trial rejected being cross-examined by the private prosecutor, far-right Vox party. As a result, Spain’s Supreme Court judges warned them of possible criminal charges and canceled their testimonies.

The former MPs for far-left CUP party Antonio Baños was the first one to reject the cross-examination of Vox. “I won’t respond due to democratic dignity and antifascism,” he said.  Eulàlia Reguant expressed arguments in the same vein. “Facing the far right, and a sexist and xenophobic party, I won’t respond to their questions,” she said.

Manuel Marchena, president of the court in charge of the trial, said their moves were being sent to an ordinary court and told them to leave the courtroom. When the trial ended, the judge fined Baños and Reguant with €2,500 each and gave them 5 days to rectify to avoid inquiry against them.