Videos of the destruction of the controversial statue of Franco

  • The Town Hall has removed the remains of the statue in the early morning and claims that it will not install it again

Toni Strubell
21.10.2016 - 16:09
Actualització: 21.10.2016 - 18:09

Monday marked the opening of the controversial exhibition which included the installation of the equestrian statue of Franco in the doorway to the Born Centre. From the moment it began, all sorts of acts of protest gradually gained momentum: first there were posters and eggs thrown, then came paint, inflatable dolls and pigs’ heads, and finally, yesterday evening, the statue was destroyed by three people who toppled it to the ground. These first two VilaWeb videos document the exact moment when the statue fell to the ground, which can be seen with perfect clarity in the second video.

Minutes after disseminating the images and the news circular, the Barcelona Town Hall announced its intention to remove the statue from public and never to display it again.

A few minutes later, city workers arrived to load up the remains of the statue, which had been seriously damaged by the impact, as seen in these two videos.



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