Raül Romeva: ‘Abroad, the threats are seen as evidence that the problem lies with Spain’

Interview with the head of the separatist ticket, Junts pel Sí (Together For Yes)


Members of the U.S. Congress support Catalan self-determination

Catalan government delegation meets with US representatives on the separatist question


Thirty MEPs sign joint letter denouncing Spanish Defence Minister’s threats

Among the signatories are the chairmen of the conservative and green groups, Syed Kamall and Philippe Lamberts


Amadeu Altafaj: ‘EU accession will coincide with the proclamation of independence’

Interview with the Catalan government’s permanent representative to the EU · Catalonia is in a position to maintain EU membership come independence, he says


Spain's army won’t intervene in Catalonia 'if everybody fulfils their duty'


The Catalan business sector loses its fear

Thirteen chambers of commerce and seventeen employers’ associations show 'unconditional support' for the independence process


Ramon Tremosa: ‘We do not have to fear walking alone for a few weeks’

Interview with the Euro deputy who has just published the book ‘Let Catalonia Vote’


Yanis Varoufakis on Catalonia: ‘I'm not against separatism’

Former Greek finance minister says the Catalan people have a legitimate right to self-determination


Debate on the process of Catalan sovereignty at the Senate of Paraguay

Similar debates took place recently at the Parliaments of Denmark, Ireland and Uruguay


The PP wants to urgently change the Constitutional Court law to punish Mas

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