Raül Romeva: ‘Europe and the world are watching us while the Spanish government threatens’

The head of the list for ‘Junts pel Sí’ closes the first public event of the independentist candidature for the plebiscitary elections of 27-S


'We are acting in legitimate defence against systematic attacks' on self-rule, says Catalan President


The President of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, calls plebiscitary elections

The President makes a call to 'respect the result' and to 'find the legal and political ways' to carry it out


A feast for the parliament of Catalonia


Oriol Amat: ‘Catalan independence under EU tutelage is a feasible option’

The renowned economist will be a candidate for Junts pel Sí, the electoral list put forth by ERC and CDC


Spain's anti-violence commission weighs fining FC Barcelona 60,000 euros for booing the King and the Spanish anthem

The commission also intends to impose a 70,000-euro fine on each of the groups that signed the manifesto calling for the whistling


Sweden and Australia to be models for Catalonia's own Treasury

The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, presented on Monday the model for Catalonia's own Treasury, which will be developed should 'the political conditions' be there, he stated


From 27-J to 27-S: two hectic months in lead-up to independence plebiscite

President Mas will convene elections on 3 August


Francesc Homs: ‘The people who voted on 9 November have not disappeared’

Interview with Francesc Homs, Minister of the Presidency


Taking office of FC Barcelona’s new board, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu

Ramon Adell, president of FC Barcelona’s Management Committee, and Josep Maria Bartomeu, newly elected president of the Catalan club, have signed the transfer of powers on monday in the President[...]

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