Former Spanish PM Felipe González compares Catalonia’s quest for independence with Nazism

In an open letter to the Catalan people published in the newspaper El País, González compares an independent Catalonia with Albania


The Uruguayan parliament receives the Catalan government to talk about the independence of Catalonia

It is the first American parliament to ask for information about the process


Catalans abroad on the move: the international responses to the 'Via Lliure'

Poland, Quebec, Argentina, Holland, Germany and Ecuador have already formed giant human arrows · The foreign assemblies of the ANC have called for demonstrations in the main cities of the world


Controversy at the Rototom festival over the presence of the Jewish singer Matisyahu

The festival had cancelled his appearance, but backtracked · Matisyahu confirms he will perform


Ada Colau says she would support independence if it won a majority on 27th September


Exports in the first half year approach 32,000 million, a record figure for the Catalan economy


Carme Forcadell: ‘We have to invite the CUP to join a future cross-party government’

Interview with the number two on the Junts pel Sí list in Barcelona, who feels the Spanish government will end up negotiating


The pro-independence mobilisation on the Eleventh of September is revving its engines

The President of the Catalan National Assembly has made it clear that the mobilisation in Barcelona is an inclusive event


Thank you, Pedro (5-4)

The winger decided the UEFA Super Cup with a goal in the extra time


Last 3 Catalan Parliament Presidents to symbolically close pro-independence unitary list

Coach Pep Guardiola will be in 85th position of the Junts pel Sí (‘Together for the Yes’) list for Barcelona

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