The Catalan Government representative in Brussels, Amadeu Altafaj, will continue doing his work ‘as normal’ after a decision by Catalonia’s Supreme Court saying he cannot hold the title of Permanent Representative to the European Union. The judicial decision came after a complaint by the Spanish Government, which considers that such a title can only be used by member state diplomats. ‘There is nothing against the Catalan Government having a representative to the European Union or my current role’, said Altafaj. The Catalan diplomat in Brussels described the case against his title as ‘absurd’. ‘I am representing the Catalan Government to the EU with more determination than ever’, he said.

‘If instead of Permanent Representative I need to have the title of General Representative or Representative, it is not a problem’, he said in comments to the press. According to Amadeu Altafaj, the case against his title is ‘absurd’. ‘I know there is nothing permanent in life, except death’, he said, ironically.

The Catalan diplomat added that instead of going to Court over ‘semantic problems’, the Spanish Government should engage in a real and meaningful discussion with the Catalan government on the issue of independence. ‘The Spanish Government hides itself behind the judiciary, and avoids solving the real issues’, he said with regret.

The Catalan Government has appealed the Catalan Supreme Court decision to suspend Amadeu Altafaj’s title. Sources within the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Catalonia said that Altafaj will continue doing his job as normal and that all his partners in Brussels are already aware that he represents a government with a mandate to achieve independence for Catalonia.

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