69 Argentinian dignitaries have asked for the end of Spain’s “repression” on Catalonia. In a joint manifesto revealed on Tuesday led by Nobel Peace Prize awarded Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, they call on Madrid to guarantee “the right to protest and freedom of speech” in Catalonia.

The dignitaries also call for “respecting Catalonia’s right to independently decide its future.” The text reads that an “amnesty for the pro-independence political prisoners” needs to be granted by Spanish authorities.

For them, the ideal way out of the issue is “a political dialogue between Catalonia and Spain” including the aforementioned ideas. The manifesto also expresses “concern” on the “cuts on rights and freedoms in Spain, worsened especially throughout the past few weeks.”

Besides Pérez Esquivel, the president of ‘Madres de la Plaza de Mayo’ organization, Hebe de Bonafini, and Argentinian congressman Pino Solanas are among those signing the manifesto.

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