The Barcelona-El Prat airport is welcoming international visitors again after borders reopened on Sunday, ending a three-month state-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. After a 99% drop in passengers in May, El Prat airport has only started to recover its bustling activity. “It’s weird seeing the airport so empty, but I’m very happy to be back for my holidays,” said Haled, who traveled from Berlin to see his boyfriend for the first time since March.

The airport expects 39 flights to land on Sunday, including 25 international arrivals. The number of departures (45) is slightly higher, with 25 flights to destinations overseas—around 25% of the departures on a similar day a year ago. While the free movement of people with countries within the Schengen area has been restored, health controls to prevent the spread of coronavirus remain.

International passengers are having their body-temperature monitored and must give notice of the place where they will stay. If travelers show any Covid-19 symptoms, they need to be inspected by a doctor.

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