Catalonia’s top court has summoned President Torra to testify in a hearing on 23 September as part of the second case of “disobedience” against him for failing to remove a sign in favor of the political prisoners. On 23 September 2019, the court gave Torra 48 hours to remove the banner. It was eventually taken down on September 27, after the 48 hour period had passed, and following the electoral board threatening to send the Catalan police to enforce their ruling.

Torra was already tried and convicted, pending appeal, for a similar case. He was accused of defying orders from Spain’s Electoral Authority to remove a yellow ribbon showing support for the jailed Catalan leaders, during the run up to the Spanish General Election in April.

As part of his conviction Torra was sentenced to 18 months political disqualification. The fallout from this led to Torra being stripped of his MP status and the president saying he would call a snap election once a budget is passed, a plan that was put on ice with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

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