The Catalan government has urged Spain to put forward an economic and social plan to fight the negative impact of the enhancement of a lockdown, to be in force from Monday. In a meeting between regions’ leaders and Spain’s president on Sunday, the Catalan head of government, Quim Torra, also called on Madrid to set up a “recovery plan” in order to guarantee a successful recovery of the crisis.

As the cabinet spokesperson, Meritxell Budó, explained talking to the press, Torra demanded a moratorium in mortgages and credits. He also asked for the suspension of fees by self-employed workers and putting off taxes and payments to the social security system that firms have to make on a monthly and quarterly basis – Torra referred especially to small and medium businesses, that is, 95% of the firms in the country.

For the Catalan government, a suspension of basic supplies is also needed, as well as guaranteeing a basic income for all workers hired by companies and self-employed ones.

The presidents’ meeting came a day after Spain’s leader, Pedro Sánchez, announced that all workers of non-essential activities would have to stay home until April 9. The Catalan president, Quim Torra, welcomed the measure soon afterwards in an official statement, reminding that this is what he had been demanding since March 13. “I want to thank the Spanish president for having finally accepted Catalonia’s demands.”

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