Catalonia is holding a general strike this Friday to protest against the guilty verdict on the 2017 referendum leaders, the lengthy prison sentences and Spanish repression. From early in the morning, citizens supporting the protest are blocking several roads including the country’s two highways: AP-7 (in La Jonquera, near the French border) and AP-2 (in Tarrés, in the west).

Some other roads across Catalonia were also been cut off by protesters joining the strike, including N-II, N-340, C-25, C-55, C-14, N-145 and C-12, as well as several key avenues in Barcelona. Some public transport lines are also interrupted.

This Friday is set to be the fifth day of protests, marches and demonstrations. The strike has already had some impact, including a decrease in the electricity usage, a halt in the production of Seat car manufacturer factory, and the suspension of all sort of public events.

In the afternoon, a big demonstration at 5pm will take place in Barcelona and will welcome the thousands of protestors who have participated in the 100-km Freedom Marches during the last three days.

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[VIDEO] Young protestor brutally arrested by Spanish police in Barcelona.


Closed Apple Store at Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.


Iconic Sagrada Família in Barcelona closes its doors as protestors block entrances.


Pictures from the general strike in Catalonia.


Barcelona harbour stevedores join the strike and cut Via Laietana.


Tractors block the N-II road close to Girona.


Empty streets in Barcelona.


Demonstrators with "We will not accept the sentence" banner.


People sit on Plaça Espanya in Barcelona to block traffic.


Students block main Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona.


85% less buyers at Mercabarna fish market this morning.

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