Jailed MP Jordi Sànchez, a close ally to exiled leader Carles Puigdemont, has been elected as the president of a new pro-independence movement: ‘Crida Nacional per la República’. In the foundational congress in Barcelona, Sánchez was voted as president and former Ecosocialist mayor and current MP Toni Morral was elected as secretary general. Their list to lead the group was voted by 93.7% of the congress attendees.

La Crida is a new political movement that could end up working as a political party promoted by former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, jailed activist Jordi Sánchez and current Catalan leader Quim Torra. The executive committee  also includes leading figures of the current Catalan government such as Presidency minister and spokeswoman Elsa Artadi or Culture minister Laura Borràs, as well as some members of ERC.

The new political actor in an already complex Catalan political scene won’t run, for now, in any elections, such as the local votes scheduled for May. However, their members urged pro-independence supporters to unite and described La Crida as a “political instrument” striving for unity and to gather “transversal” support.