Debate on the process of Catalan sovereignty at the Senate of Paraguay

  • Similar debates took place recently at the Parliaments of Denmark, Ireland and Uruguay

Toni Strubell
02.09.2015 - 17:03
Actualització: 13.06.2022 - 09:53

As the date of the Catalan election on 27 September approaches, various Parliaments worldwide are showing their interest on the current political situation in Catalonia and the process of sovereignty. This is the case of Paraguay, where today a representative of the Government of Catalonia has spoken on the plebiscitary character of this election and the possible consequences if the result is favourable to independence from Spain.

Both the Government of Catalonia and the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) respond to these parliamentary petitions. Today it was Francesca Guardiola, Director General for Foreign Affairs at the Government of Catalonia, who spoke at the International Relations Commission of the Parliament of Paraguay, in the Senate Building. The President of the Commission, Víctor Bogado, hosted the session, attended by senators from all poltical parties.

Less than one month to go to the 27S election, Francesca Guardiola has underlined its plebiscitary and exceptional character, resulting from the fact that the Spanish government refused to accept any kind of referendum or consultation on the issue. She also talked about the democratic, peaceful and integrative character of the Catalan sovereign movement, a fact that can be verified again at the demonstration scheduled for 11 September, on catalonia’s National Day.

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